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I’ve decided to answer the abstract question. In past projects I’ve stuck to a strict production pattern. I’d decide exactly what I intend to do and how I’ll present the work beforehand, and I’ll work toward that goal. The quality of work may be adequate, but sometimes the creativity feels forced. By answering the abstract question I can experiment with different techniques and editing, I can create freely and openly without worrying about how well received the body of work will be with an audience. I feel that this question allows the widest area for experimentation and as I’ve done little of it thus far, I can do so now.

I was drawn to the abstract photographs of Aaron Siskind, particularly to his body of work entitled “The Divers”. They depict male divers falling into a body of water. They’re completely isolated in the frame, nothing else appears other than the backdrop presumably the sky, and themselves. Another piece I was drawn to was a music video. The video accompanies a song called “Swim” by DJ Cam, a french Hip Hop/Jazz artist. The video was directed by Sonia Sieff. It was showcased at the SXSW 2011 artistic showcase show in Texas in late March of 2011. The video portrays a young woman falling from a building in super slow motion wearing a dress of alternative fashion. Footage of another young woman, crying, is inter-spliced also wearing fashionable clothing.

The main concept I will depict is a human falling. I first thought of this concept when studying images of “The Falling Man” for my last project when dealing with controversial imagery. I was intrigued by the idea of someone accepting their fate and jumping to their death while knowing the outcome. The tranquillity of the falling man in the single image that was presented to the world, regardless of the other images in the series depicting a more frenzied fall, really struck a nerve. The idea of accepting your fate and falling to it peacefully was a chilling concept which I thought would be very accessible in an abstract style considering its surreal nature in real life. To produce the images I plan to have my subject jumping on a trampoline. At the peak of the jump the subject will be weightless as if they were in free fall and it’s this moment I tend to capture as an experimental insight as to how garments as well as the body itself act under no gravity. There’s a particular highlight of limbs and extremities in some of the resources I’ll be studying for inspiration. I’d like to take this idea forward; concentrating on close ups of fingertips, or the hair while falling through the air. These delicate, intricate snippets of the bigger picture will contribute smaller elements to an overall great ensemble of images, as they do with their individual images.

To determine the difficulty of cutting the subject out of the images so they can stand alone, I’ll use my first shoot as a test. The easiest option will be a plain backdrop. The trampoline I’ll use has a lot of foliage in the background, small details that will be hard to cut around in Photoshop. I’ll ask the subject to jump as high as possible so their figure is surrounded by just sky; a natural plain backdrop. If this is ineffective I’ll have to use a nearby wall.


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