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Lighting is an integral part of this unit for me. I’ll be using natural light with no fill in flash; extra flash would further illuminate the subjects entire body and the silhouette style I intend to realise will be unsuccessful. I need the sun to be at it’s highest position in terms of light intensity and angle. There’s a house in the way which is acting as my backdrop so I’ll have to wait for the sun to come out from behind it. With that said I’ll need to take my images before the sun moves further and illuminates the front of the subject’s body. Because of this limited time frame, I may need to return on another day to take the remainder of my images. I hope to produce a number of different image types:

1| Mid-bounce shots emulating the body’s position during free fall. The subject will need to maintain a placid, apathetic facial expression for the effect to emulate that of my influences.
2| Close ups of body parts. Hands/fingertips, feet/toes, Hair tips, and the facial expression itself.
3| Close ups of the midriff, torso and thighs.


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