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I believe I stayed close to my proposal throughout and didn’t stray too far from what I originally intended to do. Granted, I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to affect the images until quite far into the module as my influences gave me a lot of ideas to chose from. I’m very glad I did chose the presentation methods I did; they’re creative, I haven’t used these methods in other modules but they were still relevant to the work at hand which I think is vital. I’m particularly proud of my presentation method as a huge amount of people can see it. My research into photographers who work in an abstract style was of utmost importance. Releasing myself from any inhibition to experiment with visual styles was key, and if I hadn’t I think my images wouldn’t be as strong, or I would have presented it in a similar way to other projects. From a practical stand point though, I wish I’d been more creative in the direction of my model. As fond as I am of the majority of the images in the set, I can’t help but feel that some of the positions were repeated quite a few times. In fairness to the model it was very difficult to maintain an apathetic expression while free falling through the air and not landing on her feet. I’m exceedingly happy with my choice to take influence from music video and film directors. It’s this that helped me experiment with using video footage as well as still photographs. If I were to redo the project, I think I’d have the model wearing different clothes in each photograph and focus more on the fashion aspect, as this didn’t feature as heavily as I’d have liked it to. During this module, I learned that artist research is an integral part of creating any form of art, regardless of an abstract style. To quote an unknown source, “Just because no one understands you, it doesn’t make you an artist.” Idea development is a key component of any art project, taking influences from work you love, combining selected elements to make something new, while staying true to what you set out to do. Not alienating the viewer helped too. By sharing the workbook with people and not just the presentation, they know exactly what I wasn’t intending to do and they may understand it or appreciate just a little better as a result; that’s all I can hope for.


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